Riding-wear equipment and technical material:
Every moto-biker knows how essential technical equipment is, so please don’t forget to properly equip yourself accordingly, in order to guarantee your safety and optimize your performances.

To be self-sufficient shows respect to the other partecipants, though the guides will help you in every situation, with due regard to other partecipants and the spirit of the group.

Experience shows that the mousses are strongly recommended, in place of the ordinary tires, in order to avoid the risk of blowouts, that so often occur in Enduro ridings.

Lodging and food:
Time dedicated to good foods can’t be lacking on every exciting but hard day of Enduro at lunch or dinner…or why not…both lunch and dinner…and let’s not forget snacks…..

Every good moto-biker appreciates good and typical foods and good local wine…..for the teetotalers, just water , but of the best quality…and stories that, in turn, everybody tells…and a restful night at the end of an hard day spent enduro-riding.

For these reasons, we continuously look for and choose hotels, lodges, B&B to satisfy everybody’s needs.

But it is not over yet: for the 360 – degree lover of night adventures, we can organize tours, sleeping in tent or “counting the stars”, in your sleeping bag.